The Journey Re-thought

Thanks for joining me!

The more I learn about human biology and life, the excitement and wonder about our existence and the world we live. I started this website with the intention to talk about all things biology and technology. I’ve since realized that my hope is to use this platform to learn as much as I can about myself and the world.

I titled this post “The Journey Re-Thought” for a few reasons:

  1. Goals can be motivating but at times narrowing. Why not spend more time enjoying the journey?
  2. “Re-Thought” – I often appreciate identifying different perspectives on things we think we know.

I often am given the advice “just stick to one thing.” To which my first thought is, “Why?” EverydayGenius is my opportunity to explore, learn, and most importantly enjoy the journey..

If you find it interesting, I encourage you stick around because……

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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