Am I meant to be a doctor?

Have you ever questioned yourself? Well, after receiving my first rejection from medical school I began to question my aspiration to become a doctor. Is it still something I would love to do? Absolutely! The questioning derives more from a lack of belief in oneself, a hurdle that I am faced with often.

Why am I writing about this? If you’re like me, struggling with overcoming the hurdles to pursue a passion – there’s only one satisfactory solution that I’ve come to you. Time to get creative.

The mission?

Get accepted to medical school? well, yes but not quite. I’ve realized after talking to many mentors (physicians and scientists), I have no control what admissions committees decide.

My missions?

Make it as hard as possible for admissions committees to say “regret to inform you….” Most importantly, try to have fun along the way – make invaluable relationships, invest in meaningful experiences, and gain as many skills as I can.

This post will be about my journey from being rejected MD 2022 application cycle.

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