About Us


My name is Mike and I really didn’t like school growing up. It wasn’t until my final years of my undergraduate degree that I began to focus on learning things I found interesting. I studied kinesiology, exercise science, and nutrition for my Bachelors. As a competitive gymnast and head coach it seemed natural to study the things that seemed most relevant. However, I started to question the conventional wisdom in the field and developed a desire to find answers to questions I had not thought to ask. I began asking “why” and “how” more than I ever had before. I’ve completed a Master’s degree in lifestyle medicine because I realized if I wanted to continue down a path in healthcare, lifestyle medicine would complement anything I can learn through a PhD and/or Medical Degree.

With that said, I created “Everyday Genius” for two different reasons. The first was because during the process of asking “why” and “how” I began to fall in love with the process of learning. There were topics that I hated that I now found myself not getting enough of because of the opportunity to better answer meaningful questions. To me, there are so many things taking place “everyday” that we take for granted and when looked at closer, are quite genius. The second reason is that I hope to be what some call a career student. If I could complete a PhD, MD, DrPH, DPT, ……..the list goes on, I would – who knows it may still be in the cards. My deep desire to learn it all might seem impossible or more likely just impractical. But I feel strongly that if one desires to be a genius, well you achieve that by simply learning as much as you can everyday. I know that sounds quite corny but if you’re the least bit interested, I encourage you to stick around.